Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

We made some changes, so this is an update with the current info/outline on the workshop!

Here is a recent pic I took for the new assignment added to the last workshop!! Yes these are backlit bubbles, nothing fake going on here!
 photo 13967562092_579eaab4c5_o_zps810d50f5.jpg

The next workshop starts June 9th 2014:) (Today the early registration opens and you can receive a huge discount if you sign up during this time! I have been teaching online workshops for over 7 years! The workshop last 6 weeks with the first 5 weeks will be active portion! You will have 5 regular assignments and 5 bonus assignments, all regular assignments include a one hour live class! The main focus on the workshop will be natural light! In the workshop you will find editing tutorials,shooting tip, shooting videos, and two other instructors besides myself!!

Fee Structure and Participation
Full participant – $575 USD

Partial (or silent) Participant – $300 USD

As a full participant you may have full access to the forum and view all the written documentation and videos I post, you’re eligible to receive constructive feedback on each assignment from me and my assistants, participant in class contests, join the live virtual class, receive and give feedback on fellow class members, receive my actions and presets. Return as an alumni student and pay the alumni discounted fee.

As a silent participant you will also be able access all the written documentation and videos I post, but will not receive feedback or be able to post in the forum. You will not be eligible for the contests or live virtual classes. You may upgrade to a full participant by paying the difference in fee.

What happens once I pay.
You will receive a paypal receipt that your payment has been received. You receive another registration confirmation once the registration is closed! count as notification that you are enrolled on the workshop. Toward the start of the workshop date you will receive information regarding the start time. (usually this is done a day before) All email notification will be sent to the email account connected to the paypal address you signed up with. Also check the blog as it will say if emails have been sent, and if you have not received it please check your spam folders.

Do I have to be on the forum at certain times?

You will have access to a private forum that is open 24-7. I am on the forum each week day. Jenny & Cris (my assistant instructors) will be on a few days a week to help on the forum and assist with feedback! Each Monday I will post a new assignment, with a class newsletter ! You usually have a week to complete assignments and will post these for feedback in the forum. If you miss the due date you will find another section on the forum to post late assignments.

Will the forum be accessible once the workshop is over?

On completion of the workshop I leave the workshop forum open for approximately another week before I take it online, you will not have access to it after this time.

What is the turn-around time for critiques?
During the week I ask that you allow up to 24 hours for a reply on assignment, I’m active daily. On the weekend I ask for 48 hours. Unless you post in the late section, these can take a little longer as current assignment will be priority!

Does each critique tell exactly how to make improvements?
I offer detailed feedback if your image needs improvement, and give praise and tell you what I like if you got it. Occasionally I will offer feedback via video, if I feel I need to express or show you something I can not get across in the writing.

What are virtual classes?

A place we will meet as a group to discuss assignments. This is a live streaming class and you will hear me answer questions back and you will be able to view my computer screen. For each assignment I will finish the class with live editing of the assignment. Each week I post one class schedule and sign-up for the virtual class. If it fills I schedule another to ensure everyone can join and participate. An email will be sent about an hour prior to the start time with all the information you need to log-on and participate. The live streaming class will be done via a live webinar program, you will hear me speaking, and will be able to see my desktop and editing programs but are muted yourself. You will be able to ask and answer questions by typing into a chatbox. I record each virtual class and upload it into the forum as a video. You are free to watch as many times as you like.

What about students that live out of the United States, how does this work?
You will have 24-7 access to the forum. I am on the same time zone as New York. Eastern time. However, I have many international students from other parts of the world, i.e Australia,London,Denmark,India,Japan and etc and it has never been an issue. You are not obligated to be on the forum at any specific time. I’m on daily. I do virtual classes each week and change up the times … Say I do one at 11pm eastern time and one at 7 am eastern time …. It has never been an issue I record each virtual class and upload it into the forum at a later time; you are free to watch as many times as you like if you missed it!

What kind of equipment should I have for your course?
I would like for you to have a digital SLR
(photoshop or lightroom will be handy) but the latest and greatest of everything or anything is not essential. Our goal is to become proficient in finding the light.

What kind of experience should I have to take your course?

I would like for you to know how to shoot in manual for my class!

Could you tell me more about the dates assigned to your syllabus for the class? 

Main Assignments
Assignment 1: Dramatic Light-
Shooting into the light
Side Lighting

Assignment 2: Mid-day Sun & Backlight (full sun)
Full Sun
Covered Shade
Open Shade
Using your reflector
Capturing mid-day sun-flare

Assignment 3: GOLDEN HOUR, Late in the day..
Open shade
Facing the sun
Backlight & sharp
Backlight & dreamy
The sun just went down shot
Using your reflector & using what’s around you!
Capturing golden light sunflare

Assignment 4: Subject & Sky

Assignment 5: Putting it all together
Putting the techniques you have learned and focusing on capturing photographs with strong visual impact! This will assignment will focus less on technique and more of the creative vision of what you learned!


+You will find many editing videos on the forum

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